JavaFx or Flash which to choose?

I started learning JavaFx just after it released, as JavaFx is based on java it has the power and maturity of java by born.  I  wanted to use JavaFx as an alternative to Flash. Though i was learning Flex framework and actionscript3 before starting JavaFx, and i was not so serious about that RIA thing then, and i can’t afford much time for Flex then. But after JavaFx released i was so excited and i started learning and doing javafx seriously. I was very excited about its power and possibilities.  From a developer view Javafx runs on a JVM which is more then 25 times faster then Tamarin VM (used in flashplayer), you can deploy javafx project virtually on any platform, and any device (though flash now have support for desktop and mobile devices).

But from the user view javafx is just a slow dumb shit (at least for now). User don’t like to download a more then 15MB jvm and install while visiting a websites on the other hand flash player is only less then 2MB. If you already have the latest JVM installed then to view a javafx project for the first time, it takes little long time because it has to download few more jars from javafx’s server to serve javafx which costs some time and a bad user experience (yes Sun aware of this problem and they are working on it).  Flash has none of this problems. So for now it seems Flash is the right choice

I think learning both Javafx and Actionscript both are better for any developer. If you know more you will have more choices.

see JavaFx performance here.

see ActionScript3 performance here.


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9 Responses to JavaFx or Flash which to choose?

  1. Jose says:

    Not only does JavaFX take ages to load, but what really kills it is the security dialog and the fact that a ballon is shown in the system tray informing the user that Java is running. Ugh.

    Yes, you can turn the notification off, but it should not have been shown by default.

  2. josefel says:

    scary dialogs & system ballons are very long story
    everybody knows (including Sun itself) people hate those things, but no one takes an action about it.
    i dont understand why they act like an elephant on these matters which are not rocket science.
    I’m 30, i suspect that i will be able to use fully-featured JavaFX with a nice user experience when i’m 50

  3. Yep, it’s REALLY slow to download (even if you have the runtime), but I found it to be sluggish in running as well.

  4. David Demmer says:

    Macromedia and Adobe have had a number of years to optimize and push the plugin to clients where Sun has had JRE’s out since Java, but have not optimize it as a truly client runtime VM. Having supported a web app that utilizes Java applets, the install of the JRE was the biggest barrier of entry as it is not a seamless process for all browsers. With that said, there are client accessible web content that can be done with Java applets that do not cause sandbox security violations as ActionScript 3 would. Use the right tool for the job I suppose.

  5. Anis says:

    Right now Adobe products are by far the most superior in the market, so currently if you have any design job just keep using Flash. However, keep watching JavaFX because of its high potential since Java is dominant everywhere so it highly possible JavaFX will be also everywhere but it seems it still needs a year or two with much of tuning and Oracle guys would need to buy some great Studio design product and include it in JavaFX if they are serious about it. Right now you must code everything so it is good as GUI builder but not as animations tool. One catch though, when HTML first came out back in 90’s the top paying jobs were for HTML web designers, the point here is first comers to new technology are usually winners of real bucks.

    • uzzal says:

      yes i agree with you. I recently talked with Anthony Rogers who is the chief designer of javafx authoring tool he told me sun is going to release a nice javafx authoring tool late of this year or earlier next year. You can see a screenshot of that tool in his blog

      • José says:

        I don’t see though how a developer tool will address the issues mentioned above.

        Let’s see in two three years if things have improved, for now JavaFX is not an option for the web.

  6. Darren says:

    25 times faster? Did you get that from here?

    Read the comments – if the author had added a return type and packlage declaration Tamarin would have been more than 5 times faster than reported in that post. Why did the author leave these off? For the same reason you chose that benchmark – which has nothing to do with the speed of rendering hundreds of complex UI components – I guess…

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