Forbidden (deprecated) HTML tags and attributes

There are some older html tags and attributes which has declared deprecated or forbidden by W3C consortium, though all modern browsers still support them but in future they may not. So it is best to know about those deprecated tags and attributes, and best practice is avoid them in your code.

Here is the list of deprecated tags:
<applet>, <basefont>, <center>, <dir>, <embed>, <font>, <isindex>, <menu>, <noembed>, <s>, <strike>, <u>
Here is the list of deprecated attributes:

align for these tags:  <caption>, <iframe>, <img>, <input>, <legend>, <object>, <table>, <hr>, <div>, <h1..6>, <p>

alink for this tag: <body>

background for this tag: <body>

bgcolor for these tags: <body>, <table>, <th>, <tr>, <td>

clear for this tag: <br>

compact for these tags: <ol>, <ul>

border for these tags: <img>, <object>

link for this tag: <body>

noshade for this tag: <hr>

nowrap for these tags: <td>, <th>

size for these tags: <basefont>, <font>, <hr>

start for this tag: <ol>

text for this tag: <body>

type for this tag: <li>

value for this tag: <li>

vlink for this tag: <body>

width for these tags: <hr>, <pre>, <td>, <th>

vspace for these tags: <img>, <object>

For more information you can visit here and here

22 thoughts on “Forbidden (deprecated) HTML tags and attributes

  1. I’m curious: if align is deprecated for and so is , how does one center an element? applies only to text, and float only has left, right, none, or inherit commands. There is no approved CSS for centering an element that I am aware of … ? Is the only approved method to wrap the element in a block element that responds to text-align? Some browsers still won’t accept a text-align for a element like a table or image, wrapped in a block element or not.

      1. Thank you! Somewhat unintuitive, but I’m interested in what works rather than whether it makes perfect sense. Very much appreciated.

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