Google Bangla Dictionary [updated 14 sept 2012]

Update (14 September 2012):
Google has deprecated some features in appengine so Those who are facing trouble with the bot ( like not responding or other issues please add the new address 
I had a dictionary software on my desktop. but after upgrading my OS from xp to 7 it just don’t work anymore. and from then i was feeling need of a good dictionary.  So i built one. Well it’s not quite a desktop software but it is a gtalk bot. Just add ( it as your friend on gtalk and it will answer your all query in bangla. This bot is using the google’s dictionary api as its word bank. So you don’t need to worry about its word collection it just knows a lot.

Update (27 December 2011):

As you all know google finally stopped its dictionary service and api from this month so this bot was not able to fetch Bangla meaning from last few days. So I wrote a new hack, now it is better then ever before.

It can now work as a english to bangla dictionary plus translator that means you can translate now a whole line, also with some improved logic it can now able to tell the Parts of Speech and Synonyms (not applicable when translating a line).

With this new update english to english meaning will show up by default with bangla meaning and adding a + sign at the begaining of a word will show  Bangla to English with the parts of speech of the word in english. Bangla to English will work (only as a dictionary) as it was working, also wikipedia definition (? sign) will work unless they stop their api.

If you are having any issues please do let me know. Thank You.


I have updated the back-end parser, in place of my custom made json parser now i am using rhino (server-side javascript). so now this bot is much faster and smarter. It can answer english to bangla (by default), if no bangla meaning found on google word bank then it will answer a english meaning instead (means english to english). another thing for example if you type help it will return bangla meaning by default, but if you  want to skip bangla and want it to return english then just start the word with a ‘+’ sign like +help then it will return english meaning. One more interesting thing is now it can return bangla to english also :), like if you type আমার=> it will return you a english meaning “mine”, “My”. Do comment on this post about your thoughts.

Wikipedia Definition: To search for a wikipedia definition just start the word with ‘?’ character. for example: ?java will return definition of java from wikipedia.

For mobile devices (with a internet connection) you can bookmark this ( on your mobile browser (like opera mini), with this url you can use this dictionary without logging into any google talk client. This page does not contain any rich styling so it is very light and only consumes just a few bytes of bandwidth for your mobile internet.


If the the dictionary returns English meaning by default that means it didn’t find the Bangla meaning for the given word, so try to give your english word in present tense + singular number form. For example: if you give ‘helped‘ it will return all meanings in english by default. but if you give ‘help‘ it will return meanings in Bangla

1 known issue: if you find bot is not showing online on your Gtalk client then just remove and add again it will work.


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49 Responses to Google Bangla Dictionary [updated 14 sept 2012]

  1. Ashraf says:

    Cool will definitely help a lot of people

  2. Tareq says:

    Wow, cool one. How does it work actually? 😀

  3. Sumon Khan says:

    What a great Bengali Dictionary! This is really amazing but wanna to know that how it’s work?

  4. ArRolin says:

    Great! Thank’s for Share.

  5. Can’t We Expect A Desktop User Friendly App?

    • uzzal says:

      you can use this as a desktop app, just install gtalk on your desktop. Normally making a dictionary app for desktop is not a big deal but entering the word bank is a matter of huge time.

  6. neernitt says:

    I use . I need a english to bangla dictionary in linux. {offline}
    I have got a e2b dictionary both works in sevn and xp . dictionary by waliul islam mondol.
    ত্রিনিত্রির রাশিমালা।

  7. masudiiuc says:

    Nice one bro. Keep going with such good work.

  8. Awesome Idea!
    In linux any one can use gtalk with close-to-original flavour via prism and gtalk gadget.

  9. Rubel says:

    WOW! Awesome indeed…
    Is there any API to use it like Yahoo Ping Box in any of my website.

    • uzzal says:

      No there is no such api (so far i know), but if people need to open browser/website then where is the fun, like using dictionary on google talk :). anyway you can embed google talk on website

  10. Mahmud says:

    Great 🙂

  11. Saiful Hasan says:

    its awesome. but how can i get bangla meaning one after another (it tells English meaning continuously)?

  12. shalaheen says:

    Very nice indeed. I liked it very much because of its simplicity, low bandwidth, fast & i can use it my nokia 5233 touch.

  13. maSnun says:

    Brilliant implementation of the XMPP on App Engine. Python or Java in the backend?

    Why don’t you just craft a PyQT or Java desktop app for us?

    Great work, keep it up!

    • uzzal says:

      thanks for the compliment. its java in back-end. I don’t have plan yet for any desktop apps yet, but i will make some desktop gadgets soon.

  14. রিং says:

    Nice and informative post.

  15. রিং says:

    সুন্দর হয়েছে কাজটা। ব্যবহার করে ভালো লাগছে।

  16. Really it’s awesome , can you share the code ? , thanks for your efforts

  17. Shuvendu says:

    easy 2 use. fine

  18. Finally nothing to say anything

  19. nur says:

    বাংলা গুগুল ব্যাবহার কারী রকতে রজ্ঞিত ভাষা সৈনিককদের পক্ষ থেকে একুশের প্রানঢালা শুভেচছা।

  20. mohammad islam says:


  21. sandip says:

    this is standerd dictionary that like

  22. buddhi manta kirttania says:

    i can’t download it& i need a e2e dictionary….

  23. R.Jamil Khan says:

    It is very easy to find word.

  24. abdul samad says:

    ata softwar hisabe pawa jai na……… jodi thake tohele akta link pathaben

  25. Masum Tasin says:

    Hi i am Masum. I have got e2b dictionary software. Excellent dictionary.i hope thats a good.plz everybody take it. Thanks…

  26. Thanks a lot for your such kind of steps.

  27. Rukunuzzaman (Palash) says:

    Thanks for Bangla Dictionary

  28. forhad says:

    it is a very essential dictionary

  29. Rasel 01710751065 says:

    it is a very essential dictionary

  30. MD.AL-IMRAN says:

    I am fond of this app.But i couldn’t find into pharase word

  31. AZMS Zoha says:

    Waa…… very useful and effective. Thanks.

  32. PRABHAT SING says:


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