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Tips & Tricks: Photoshop CS5

Symptom: While designing/editing with photoshop color picker is not picking exact color or applying filter effects are not working or similar issues. Solution: Photoshop is a heavy software, i really don’t know what exactly cause this issue, but i found … Continue reading

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Google Bangla Dictionary [updated 14 sept 2012]

Update (14 September 2012): Google has deprecated some features in appengine so Those who are facing trouble with the bot ( like not responding or other issues please add the new address  ———————————————- I had a dictionary software on … Continue reading

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Changes in HTML5

There are lots of excitement about new HTML5 among developers. HTML5 is still under specification, and is currently in the Working Draft stage in the W3C, but many aspects of HTML5 are now stable and can be implemented in browsers … Continue reading

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JavaScript best practices

It is recommended to place all <script> tags as close to the bottom of the <body> tag as possible so as not to affect the download of the entire page. An inline script placed after a <link> tag referencing an … Continue reading

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Creating a FaceBook like profile badge

You know what a facebook profile badge is, right? (if no, just look here on sidebar my facebook profile badge). Well creating a profile badge like that is really easy. Here i created a small script to show the basic … Continue reading

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Installing SVN Server with XAMPP(Apache) on Windows

SVN is the most crucial tool for collaborative development. Many of us like to use for opensource project or for SVN but there is a problem if your project is not open source and you might want to … Continue reading

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Forbidden (deprecated) HTML tags and attributes

There are some older html tags and attributes which has declared deprecated or forbidden by W3C consortium, though all modern browsers still support them but in future they may not. So it is best to know about those deprecated tags … Continue reading

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Do you aware of Y2K38?

Okay let me first tell what is the term Y2K38 or Unix Millennium bug or year 2038 problem: Well it is a some kind of computer programming problem with date (something similar like Y2K), says that all programs and software … Continue reading

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Google’s History Timeline

1955 — Eric Emerson Schmidt was born on April 27 in Washington, D.C. 1973 — Lawrence Edward Page was born on March 26 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sergey Mikhailovich Brin was born on August 21 in Moscow, Russia. 1979 — … Continue reading

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JavaFx or Flash which to choose?

I started learning JavaFx just after it released, as JavaFx is based on java it has the power and maturity of java by born.  I  wanted to use JavaFx as an alternative to Flash. Though i was learning Flex framework … Continue reading

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Official PHP Coding Standards

Download the php official coding standard documentation in pdf format from here This file lists several standards that any programmer, adding or changing code in PHP, should follow. Since this file was added at a very late stage of the … Continue reading

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THE TEN MOST CRITICAL WEB APPLICATION SECURITY VULNERABILITIES Cross Site Scripting (XSS): XSS flaws occur whenever an application takes user supplied data and sends it to a web browser without first validating or encoding that content. XSS allows attackers to … Continue reading

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too much Funny

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