JavaFx or Flash which to choose?

I started learning JavaFx just after it released, as JavaFx is based on java it has the power and maturity of java by born.  I  wanted to use JavaFx as an alternative to Flash. Though i was learning Flex framework and actionscript3 before starting JavaFx, and i was not so serious about that RIA thing then, and i can’t afford much time for Flex then. But after JavaFx released i was so excited and i started learning and doing javafx seriously. I was very excited about its power and possibilities.  From a developer view Javafx runs on a JVM which is more then 25 times faster then Tamarin VM (used in flashplayer), you can deploy javafx project virtually on any platform, and any device (though flash now have support for desktop and mobile devices). Continue reading “JavaFx or Flash which to choose?”