the JavaFX logo of Death!

I was learning javafx from last few weeks. I am in love with its  syntax and simple (but powerful!) API. What ever i learned about javafx till now, it is just amazing. But one thing is very painful!. JavaFx is very poor in its deployment. It is very sad for a developer that he made a nice app and deployed it but the maximum users of the entire world can’t see his great work! (really very sad!).

I made a javafx app with my novice expertise (here it is)

but when i deployed it on a remote server i can see it in my own PC and but i can’t see it in my other PC. (just a pain!) As i am novice i didn’t know what to do as it was not showing any error message i was just thinking may be i had made some error while building the app or may be i didn’t follow the proper deployment procedure. I was just confused.

Suddenly i discovered the automatically generated jnlp file by netbeans is not valid and that’s why it was not working in remote server. I fixed the jnlp file then it seems works very well. But still it has few problems. The main problem is it don’t let know what error it occurred (it does show in java console). It just shows the loading logo of death.

So the bottom line of javafx deployment i found till is make sure your jnlp file is correct and make sure your client has at least jre6 update 11 thats it. Oh one more thing i noticed for the slower connection, like you have jre 6 update 10 and it automatically updated to 11 then javafx may not work properly( I don’t know why). I faced this problem then i reinstalled the jre and problem fixed. JavaFx is better for desktop (at least) for now and i think it is not matured enough to play in web.

Waiting for the next release… 🙂