Ok now i am tired with yahoo messenger!!!

I throw away yahoo mail long ago but i was using yahoo messenger still last few hours ago; now i am too much disappointed with it. OK let me tell, why i am so disappointed with yahoo’s service. Yahoo messenger was not my favorite earlier just because, it consumes resources much more compared to others like live messenger and gtalk; when i got a new computer with high configuration then i started using yahoo messenger. I really like its smilies; those are simply great! and audibles just amazing!!. but tonight i just disappointed again with yahoo’s service. Ok come to the point, what happed to me: tonight i was logged in yahoo messenger and working; suddenly i got some strange offline message from someone, who usually not make this type of fun with me but i was getting continuously those stuffs. I was too much confused to do anything or to reply those messages. and luckily i have a good habit of googling. When i get confused i search for those things in google 😉 so i put those text coming via yahoo messenger in google’s search box and the result: what i saw is terrible!!!. I found the details history of those messages in here and i decided to permanently remove the yahoo messenger from my PC (I already did :D). Anyway i have a great phobia of virus!