Installing SVN Server with XAMPP(Apache) on Windows

SVN is the most crucial tool for collaborative development. Many of us like to use for opensource project or for SVN but there is a problem if your project is not open source and you might want to setup your own svn server. I am here just showing how simply you can setup a SVN server with XAMPP. Well i am saying about XAMPP just because this is the most popular package(Filezilla, MySql, Apache, Mercury) for php development. If you have a xampp installed (if not go here, download and install) in you machine then follow the steps below:

step1: get a SVN server from here.  This SVN server bundled with an Apache server. Skip that as you already have a Apache server installed in your pc with xampp. Before starting installation it will ask for a repository path, give it a path. (like c:\svn_repository). Continue reading “Installing SVN Server with XAMPP(Apache) on Windows”